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Fisherman’s Tea Party‏

News from the cold fishing community of Gloucester:

Fisherman’s Tea Party is back out, this 9.0% Barley Wine is brewed with three different types of tea (Chinese Kemum Tea, Green Tea and Lapsong Sushong Tea). These 3 different styles of tea that were amongst the types dumped during the Boston Tea Party. Smokey flavors in the first sip give way to a sweet, but not cloyingly so, malty full bodied beer. The tea has the added bonus of smoothing out the finish and adding to the complexity.

Also, Cape Ann Brewing Company will be presenting in from of the Liquor Licensing committee for hopefully the final time on Jan. 13. Cape Ann Brewing accomplished many small wins last year (license to serve during the festival and license to serve samples/sell growlers). If they are able to continue their winning ways, they will be able to serve/sell pints.

Good Luck.


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