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BBC13: A Faux Newbie’s Perspective

Inspired. Thankful. Motivated.  These are a few words describing my reaction to the Beer Bloggers Conference in Boston this year. I am not new to the conference, but this was my first time as a full-fledged participant.  I was at BBC10 in Boulder, CO.  I meet a few bloggers, went to a few breweries, but […]

Our Journey from Ottawa to Portsmouth (part 2)

This is a guest blog post by April Thibert. We were happy to meet April and her crew during Portsmouth Beer Week this past February. To celebrate American Craft Beer Week, here is a story of her journey to Portsmouth Beer Week 2013. Enjoy!      …. continued from yesterday..   Wednesday the guys humoured […]

Our Journey from Ottawa to Portsmouth (part 1)

This is a guest blog post by April Thibert. We were happy to meet April and her crew during Portsmouth Beer Week this past February. To celebrate American Craft Beer Week, she would like to share her journey with you. Enjoy! A simple headline in my RSS feed set things into motion. In October, after […]

Dippity Do and Cancer Too

We measure time and archive events in many ways.  If you are in business, it is the fiscal year. Academics? Semesters.  Some reflect by birthdays, others by certain holidays or family gatherings. If you are a brewer, it could be the ebb and flow of the brewing and fermenting cycle itself. For others in the […]

The Bermuda Triangle of beer events in Portsmouth, NH 7/19 -7/21 Don’t Miss Out!

Sorry to not have posted this sooner, but if you don’t have plans for Thursday night, please keep reading.  If you do have plans, please cancel them and keep reading.  Once you cancel those plans, cancel your plans for Friday and Saturday too! Without purposely planning the events all on the same day, the beer gods have decided […]

Kate the Great day 2012 (Live Blogging)

As Portsmouth Beer Week comes to an end, we are here at Portsmouth Brewery to celebrate the 7th Annual Kate the Great Day. Kate the Great, also known as “Catherine the Great II”,served as Russia’s Empress for 34 years.  Overseeing the Russian Golden Age of Enlightnment, following a Western European model of culture and political […]

Beer Event: Little Sumpin Sumpin available on draft in NE for a limited time 7/7 (NH)

#beer, @portsbrew, @lagunitasbrewco, From the Portsmouth Brewery: There are only eight kegs of Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ in New England and they’re being poured exclusively by Portsmouth Brewery. A special debut tapping on July 7 at 6pm will be officiated by Leon Sharyon, Lagunitas’s CFO. We’ll be offering a special second round of […]

Happy 20th Birthday Portsmouth Brewery

@portsmouthbrewery, #beer, Happy 20th Birthday Portsmouth Brewery from 2Beerguys.com New Hampshire’s Original Brewpub celebrates 20th Anniversary with a Sampler of Special Events Portsmouth, NH — In 1991, a young, but experienced brother and sister duo, Peter and Janet Egelston, opened New Hampshire’s first brewpub at 56 Market Street in Portsmouth. It was their second venture, […]

Kate the Great Day is aproaching fast – 3/7! (NH)

@2beerguys, #pbw2011, #pcbw Kate the Great Day, Monday March 7th, 2011 The release day is almost here, less than a week away. Kate the Great is a Russian Imperial Stout brewed by Todd Mott, brewmaster at the Portsmouth Brewery. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! About Portsmouth Brewery The Portsmouth Brewery, The Granite State’s […]

Beer Event: Smuttnose Pub Crawl during Portsmouth Beer Weekend 3/5 (NH)

@2beerguys, #pbw2011, #pcbw Smuttynose Pub Crawl (3/5) When: Saturday, March 5th. Where: Downtown Portsmouth, starting at the Coat of Arms. Time: 2:00 Cost: Free to attend, but pay as you go for beer/food. Gather your friends and join us on Saturday March 5th for the first annual Smuttynose Pub Crawl during the Portsmouth Beer Weekend. […]
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