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Brew Dice – Game Night & Special Tapping at Liars Bench – PBW18

Wednesday February 28, Liars Bench will be hosting a Brew Dice game evening accompanied with a special beer tapping during 2018 Portsmouth Beer Week. Brew dice is a fast paced 2-4 person game where players are trying to match their 3 dice with the symbols on a card lying on the table. The first person […]

9th Annual Portsmouth Beer Week – from February 24th through March 5th

Portsmouth Beer Week is about, above all else, the love of beer. We are excited to be celebrating the 9th Annual Portsmouth Beer Week, in just a couple of weeks.   It feels like yesterday, that we were hitting the Portsmouth streets, trying to rally independently owned restaurants to get excited about beer.   [To clarify, there […]

Tickets for the 3rd Annual Seacoast Winter Brewfest are available

Back for it’s third year, we are excited to share the news that tickets for the Seacoast Winter Brew Fest are now available. Kicking off the 5th Annual Portsmouth Beer Week, the Seacoast Winter Brew Fest will be held on Saturday February 22nd at the Portsmouth Gaslight Company.  Tickets are available for 2 sessions including a […]

Our Journey from Ottawa to Portsmouth (part 2)

This is a guest blog post by April Thibert. We were happy to meet April and her crew during Portsmouth Beer Week this past February. To celebrate American Craft Beer Week, here is a story of her journey to Portsmouth Beer Week 2013. Enjoy!      …. continued from yesterday..   Wednesday the guys humoured […]

Dippity Do and Cancer Too

We measure time and archive events in many ways.  If you are in business, it is the fiscal year. Academics? Semesters.  Some reflect by birthdays, others by certain holidays or family gatherings. If you are a brewer, it could be the ebb and flow of the brewing and fermenting cycle itself. For others in the […]

Kate the Great day 2012 (Live Blogging)

As Portsmouth Beer Week comes to an end, we are here at Portsmouth Brewery to celebrate the 7th Annual Kate the Great Day. Kate the Great, also known as “Catherine the Great II”,served as Russia’s Empress for 34 years.  Overseeing the Russian Golden Age of Enlightnment, following a Western European model of culture and political […]

Two HUGE Portsmouth Beer Week Announcements

VIA Brian and seacoastbeveragelab.com | @seacoastbevlab — For the first time in it’s 3 years of running, I am co-hosting Portsmouth Beer Week with 2beerguys. Portsmouth Beer Week is always held the week before Kate the Great Day and ends on that day, once we have all tasted Kate the Great. More details on the […]

Rare Beer Tastings tomorrow @River House & @Pocos Cantina 3/4 (NH)

@2beerguys, #pbw2011, #pcbw Smuttynose Rare Beer Tastings @ the River House and Pocos Cantina (3/4) When: Friday, March 4th. Start Time: 6:00 to 8:00. Location: the River House – 53 Bow Street, Portsmouth NH. River House Restaurant is the newest addition to the Portsmouth waterfront dining scene. Winner of First Place Judges Award at the […]

Beer Geek Brunch @ the Chef’s Table 3/6 (NH)

@2beerguys, #pbw2011, #pcbw Beer Geek Brunch @ the Chef’s Table Sunday March 6th Smuttynose Beer Geek Brunch at the Chef’s Table: An open-to-the-public brunch featuring Smuttynose Big Beers, vintage beers, and giveaways. Who doesn’t love Baltic Porter with pancakes? When: Sunday, March 6th. Start Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Location: the Chef’s Table at […]

Rare Beer Tastings Tomorrow @The Press Room and @RiRa 3/3 (NH)

@2beerguys, #pbw2011, #pcbw Smuttynose Rare Beer Tastings @ the Press Room and RiRa (3/3) When: Thursday, March 3rd. Start Time: 6:00 to 8:00. Location: the Press Room – 77 Daniel Street, Portsmouth NH. Press Room – For over thirty years, the Press Room has been the Seacoast’s live music source. Since 1995 new owner Jay […]
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