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Top Sail

Review - Belmont Brewing Company's Top Sail Amber Ale

Top Sail, First Place 1998 California State Fair.

This amber ale is a rich copper colored ale that has a toasty malty flavor with medium bitterness. 5.5% alcohol by volume. -- Belmont Brewing

The Belmont Brewing company was first stop in our California adventure located right on the sandy beach of Long Beach. With an indoor and outdoor dining, you couldn't ask for a better location. The brewery is small, but has a complete offering of beers. Size definitely does not matter. It's a quick walk through the brewery because it's in clear sight behind the bar. We talked shop with Blackwell, the brewer, and were quite happy with the educated bar staff (Andy). The food was tasty and complemented their selection of beers. We ordered a sampler, followed by their blends. We recommend Long Beach visitors to stop on by. You will not be disappointed.

Pours dark clear amber with a medium size white fizzy head. Mostly diminishing with good lacing. The nose detects faint hints of hops with a slight sweet malty aroma. Initially sweet taste quickly followed by a light bitter finish for an average duration. Light body with soft carbonation, this beer is enjoyable on a hot summer day. Time to go sailing.

Reviewed on November 10, 2006 with Amber in Long Beach, CA.

Type:Amber Ale

Official Belmont Brewing website