Looking back at the top 2Beerguy stories of 2008

It was a great year for 2Beerguys.com in 2008.  Our Craft Beer Education Series took off like a rocket on the 4th of July.  The beer market started with negative projections from the hop shortage and rise is cost of grains but transformed into a thriving market by years end.

Yes, the consumer did suffer with the increase of beer prices and threat that some craft breweries would not survive.  It’s true, the average cost of a pint increased 2-3 dollars and some breweries that extended their resources had to close their doors — But the year did turn around.

2008 was the 75th anniversary of the repellation of prohibition and the success of the Free the Hops movement.  The Big three in the US, became the big 2.  The largest American owned brewery was bought by outsiders.  Yes -  it’s been a strange year.

At 2Beerguys.com, we were very busy.  We launched a new improved blog, which averages about 20,000 page visits per month [We thank you for visiting our blog].  We shared over 240 articles and stories.  The Lowell Beer Works opened.



Drink Craft Beer, You’ve Earned It!!

Here are the top News stories of 2008 (shared on 2Beerguys.com):

  • Sam Adams Steps up and helps shares hops with breweries in need – click here
  • Anheuser-Busch settles for 52 Billion in InBev deal – click here
  • Magic Hat And Pyramid agree to a merger – click here
  • Sam Adams announces a bottle recall – click here
  • 75 year anniversary of prohibition repell:  Let’s party like it’s 1933 – click here
  • Beer consumption leap frogs wine and spirits – click here
  • Fire at Matt Brewing Company, in New York – click here

Update on top legal article

  • 5 Dollar Trinket Law in California (also known as the Trinket and Trash proposal), made some noise within the craft industry click here

    [UPDATE:  We have learned that the law AB 1245 passed and was signed by the Governor – but the limit was changed from 0.25 cents to $3.00 dollars.  Click here

    AB 1245: Increases the amount that a beer manufacturer can spend on a give-away (advertising specialty) to a consumer from the current $0.25 to $3.00 per item. The value to a retailer remains the same at $0.25 per item. Important things to know about this new law:Wholesalers are excluded from this bill, so your distributor can only give away items valued at $0.25 to consumers.]

The top events/releases  of 2008 (shared on 2Beerguys.com):

  • BeerAdvocate hosted the East Coast’s Largest American Craft Beer Fest – click here
  • Lowell BeerWorks is fully operational – one and two;
  • The Harpoon Brewery Introduces: The Leviathan Series – click here
  • Victory for Cape Ann Brewery – they gained the right to offer beer during the summer festival and serve samples – click here

The top fun stories  of 2008 (shared on 2Beerguys.com):

  • 2Beerguys.com participates in the 2008 Ipswich Ale Mustache Pageant – click here
  • – Creapy, huh…

  • Sean creates his bucket list containing beer adventures – click here
  • 2Beerguys.com shares funny beer names – click here
  • yeah, it says Golden Shower…

  • Annoucement of New Beer gal – click here

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Top 5 posts of 2008:

Top 5 keywords searched during 2008:

  • Budweiser ale
  • Funny beer names
  • Budweiser
  • Lowell beer works
  • Oktoberfest
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