Beer Profile: Big DIPA – Clipper City announces their big bottle series

Clipper City just announced their first beer in their upcoming big bottle series.  I am really excited.  I love the beers from Clipper City — Especially the Loose Cannon Hop 3.

Can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle of this.

What is a Double IPA? (from Wikipedia)

Double India Pale Ales (also abbreviated as Double IPAs or IIPAs) are a strong, very hoppy style of pale beer. Also known as Imperial IPAs, perhaps in reference to the Russian Imperial Stout, a much stronger version of the English Stout, these beers are essentially India Pale Ales with higher amounts of malt and hops. Double IPAs typically have alcohol content above 7% by volume.

What are other examples of Double IPA’s?

Dogfish Head 90 Min, Victory Hop Wallop, Smuttynose Big A IPA, Boulder Mojo Risin, Weyerbacher Double Simco IPA.


Drink Craft Beer, You’ve Earned It!!!

JULY 1 – Set sail with Heavy Seas as they release Big DIPA double IPA

BALTIMORE, MD Clipper City Brewing, home of Heavy Seas, Oxford Organic, and Clipper City beers, announced its plans for a new collection of special edition, big brews as part of its expanding Heavy Seas line. These big brews will be made in small batch only and bottled in 22 oz bombers. The true treasure will be to find it on draft at your favorite pub since a very limited number of kegs will be available.

The new 22oz Bomber Series began as a pet project of the Clipper City Heavy Seas brewers who created very small batch experiments to amuse the palates of folks who worked at the brewery. They quickly agreed that some of results were just too good to keep to themselves.

Founding partner Hugh Sisson encouraged the project by saying, “ We believe in making well crafted beer with quality ingredients and sometimes it’s fun to be creative and try the unexpected”.

The Big DIPA – Double IPA, is the first in the Heavy Seas Bomber Series due to be released in late June. Reminiscent of their best selling Loose Cannon with its triple hopped brewing process but has has an earthy hop aroma. In keeping with the Heavy Seas philosophy, Big DIPA is a big beer with a surprising balance. The best part is that you’ll hardly notice it’s 10.6% ABV (est). The label artwork was created by Kurt Krol, one the brewers who also helped to develop the recipe.

5 Kinds of Hops
3 Kinds of Malt
ABV 10.6% IBU 75.5%

Watch for a new Heavy Seas 22oz Bomber Series release monthly through the end of 2009. Definitely hide some of these in your treasure chest, when they’re gone they are gone.

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