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Beer Release – Maine’s Best IPA and Vacationland Summer Ale

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Only the Best for You! Our new brew is on the shelves now! Maine’s Best IPA! Available at your favorite beer retailer or going on tap at a bar, restaurant or pubs near you!

Maine’s Best IPA is a unique blend of American hops with a British body, utilizing English 2-Row Pale malts. This IPA starts with a hoppy aroma and taste; ending with a sweet finish. Plenty of Munich and caramalts are used to give the beer that golden hue. There are fifty-six pounds of Cascade Hops used in each 50 barrel batch! Then we finish the beer with Willamette & Warrior Hops, (Warrior is a high-alpha acid variety of hops) All this leads to an IPA that is worthy to call Maine’s Best!

Starting Gravity: 1069
Hops: (60 I.B.U.s) Cascade, Willamette, Warrior

Gritty McDuff's - Maine's Best IPA

Gritty MCDuff’s Latest Seasonal Release: VACATIONLAND SUMMER ALE – Returning this month!

Does a bear drink in the woods? He does if it’s Gritty McDuff’s Vacationland Summer Ale.

Here’s a beer worth getting out of hibernation for! Vacationland is an Extra Special Golden Ale that’s light in color but full-bodied, with a snappy hop finish. A bit of extra time in the conditioning tank rounds out and mellows the ale. We use generous portions of pale malt with just a touch of wheat malt to give VSA unique flavor that’s richer than most summer brews. Cascade leaf hops add a delicate and forward hop character as well. It’s the perfect brew for all things summer.

Starting Gravity: 1049, Finish: 1012 Hops: (22 I.B.U.s) Cascade Leaf, Cascade, Saaz
Availability: 6 and 12-packs, 22 oz bottles, mini-kegs and draft, April-August

Gritty McDuff's - Vacationland Summer Ale

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