Brew Dice – Game Night & Special Tapping at Liars Bench – PBW18

Wednesday February 28, Liars Bench will be hosting a Brew Dice game evening accompanied with a special beer tapping during 2018 Portsmouth Beer Week. Brew dice is a fast paced 2-4 person game where players are trying to match their 3 dice with the symbols on a card lying on the table. The first person to match the dice and grab the card, wins the card…..5 cards wins the game.

Last summer, Sean and I had the opportunity to meet Andy the creator of Brew Dice at the 2017 Beer Bloggers Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Upon trying the game, I was immediately hooked and bought 3 of the games ( 1 for my house, 1 for Sean and Amber, and the third to share with others).  My house is home to a family that loves board and card games, my kids immediately fell in love with Brew Dice and due to its compact size, it has also accompanied us to restaurants and bars (who needs electronics?).

Founded in 2015, Liars Bench Beer Company is located in an warehouse in Portsmouth. Admittedly, their beer is brewed with tradition but their stories may be woven with historical inaccuracies. Stop in, enjoy a beer, & pull a thread to find the truth.

What : Brew Dice & Beer
When:   530PM   Wednesday, February 28 
Where: Liars Bench, 459 Islington Street #4, Portsmouth, NH 

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