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Sam Adams

Review - Boston Beer Company - Samuel Adams Brewer Patriot Collection #4 - 1790 Root Beer Brew

No commercial description available

Sam Adams released a limited edition pack of beers intended to replicate the beer recipes of old. In our humble opinion, not only did they succeed in doing this, but they also managed to make it taste like it was brewed 300 years ago. Don't get us wrong, Sam Adams do a lot of things right. We just feel like they really missed the mark with this pack.

Of the four, this offering had the least to offer in the taste department (read: did not taste good at all). It pours a cloudy amber color, and settles a medium amber color with a small, light brown fizzy head. Fair lacing behind a fully diminishing head. In one pour, it was sparkling and in another, hazy and cloudy. Aroma is of honey, licorice, and medicine. Smells like root beer, very strong aroma. Here is where it lost us. Initial flavor is heavily sweet, slightly mellowing to a moderately sweet finish which hung around for way too long. Light to medium on the mouth, it has a watery taste with flat carbonation. This beer was better left in 1790. Comments: we had high expections from the aroma, but it falls flat with the taste; tastes like medicine; we did not want to finish it, but we are bound by the NBLB doctrine.

Reviewed on September 14th, 2006 with Ignace.

Source:12 oz. Bottle

Official Sam Adams website