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Sam Adams

Review - Boston Beer Company - Samuel Adams Triple Bock

"Triple Bock is complex, elegant, and has the depth and complexity of a fine cognac, vintage port or an old sherry. Non-carbonated, ruby-black, and very special, Triple Bock should be sipped from a small snifter in a two-ounce serving. This is a beer to savor, and sip slowly. Triple Bock has a brandy-like warmth and a complex melange of fruity, woody, and toffee-like flavors. Let the aroma fill your mouth and nose with rich malt and fruit overtones. Savor and appreciate its enormous character. Serve Triple Bock as you would a fine sherry, at room temperature, in a small snifter. One bottle generously serves two or three. Recork and store standing up. Once poured into a small glass, the layers of aroma and flavor will continue to evolve as the deep ruby brew warms in the hand." -- Boston Beer Company

We finally decided to give this one a go after years of staring at it on the shelf as if it was some fantastic beverage to be revered. Boy were we wrong. Immediately upon removing the cork from the small bottle (which we later determined to be blue), we got an overpowering smell of beef and soy sauce. It poured a dark brown color with virtually no head. Murky body. Aroma continues to be of soy sauce. At this point, we were not looking forward to the tasting, but we ventured on. As expected, it tasted of soy sauce. There was a light sweet taste as well as salt, with a salty finish. Palate was just awful in our experience, and lasted far too long. This was probably the single biggest disappointment in our beer experience.

Reviewed on February 19th, 2006 with GWW, MB, and TGWK

Type:Triple Bock
Source:8 oz. Bottle

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