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Sam Adams Utopia

Review - Boston Beer Company - Samuel Adams Utopias

"Truly the epitome of brewing's two thousand year evolution, Samuel Adams Utopias offers a flavor not just unlike any other beer but unlike any other beverage in the world. Its warm, sweet flavor is richly highlighted with hints of vanilla, oak and caramel. Our 2003 batch topped out at a record breaking 25.6% ABV, beating the records that Samuel AdamsŪ Triple BockŪ and Samuel AdamsŪ Millennium had set before it. And like those groundbreaking brews, Samuel Adams Utopias is not carbonated and should be served at room temperature. In one of many examples where Samuel Adams Utopias pushed the boundaries of beer, it received the highest recommendation (96-100 points) from the prestigious Wine Enthusiast Magazine (November, 2003 edition).

Due to legal restrictions, Samuel Adams Utopias can not be sold in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, and West Virginia." -- Boston Beer Company

The Sam Adams Utopias marked the 100th review for us here at, and we were very honored to share the experience with our friends and family. Oddly enough for our beer site, the Utopia has almost no beer characteristics whatsoever. It is indeed, as Samuel Adams has said, that this is a beer brewed to show people the other end of the beer spectrum, to show what a beer can be.

The presentation alone is enough to let you know well in advance that you are in for an experience. We did not know what to expect when we popped the top on the bottle, and were very pleased with the blast of vanilla that immediately permeated the air around us.

As it is a non-carbonated beer, the visual qualities of course included a still body, as it pours a medium amber color. No head and no lacing, although Wood noted that it has nice legs.

Some of the reaction we got to the aromas were of sherry, caskwood, alcohol, and almond. Of course, vanilla has already been noted.

I don't think there was a person there that wasn't surprised when they took their first sip. A heavy hit of sweet on the initial taste, but instead of hops or malts, we got the same qualities we expect from a cognac or tawny port.

The finish was hot, with a coating like a bourbon, a little burn follows it down. Ian got a taste of sugar free maple syrup. Mouthfeel gave a medium body with a creamy texture, with a light alcohol finish.

Although I can not say this was the best beer we've reviewed thus far, because it lacks so many of the beer characteristics that we treasure, it does, by far, outscore those we have reviewed before because of its incredible stylings and unexpected nuances not expected from a beer. Well done Samuel Adams, well done.

Reviewed on May 7th, 2006 with the help of many of our friends and family.

Source:22 oz. Cask

Official Sam Adams website