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Sam Adams

Review - Boston Beer Company - Samuel Adams White Ale

"This beer's roots are in Belgium, and the classic Wit biers produced by Belgium's brewers. The style gets its name from the white, milky appearance of this unfiltered wheat ale. The brewers of Samuel AdamsŪ beer, taking inspiration from the Belgians, have created a classic of their own. On the malt side, we use malted two row Pale barley, malted wheat, and Munich malt to give this beer a crisp, malty, cereal finish and smooth mouth feel. The hops used are Noble Tettnang Tettnanger hops. At the end of the kettle boil, we add a proprietary spice blend to give Samuel AdamsŪ White Ale a unique and complex flavor, without being overpowering or cloying. The spice blend includes orange and lemon peel, dried plum, grains of paradise, coriander, anise, hibiscus, rose hips, tamarind, and vanilla. It is this special blend of spices that gives Samuel AdamsŪ White Ale its unique character, complexity and refreshing drinkability. The beer is coarse filtered, leaving a white haze from the malt proteins. Our proprietary top fermenting ale yeast ferments the beer, imparting its signature character - bright and slightly fruity." -- Boston Beer Company

The White Ale is a remarkable brew. Aroma is of spicy, citrus hops. It pours a hazy medium yellow with a white, large frothy head. Small bubbles. Taste is consistent throughout, providing a sweet, lemon taste. Lively carbonation and light body provide a nice clean finish. Oily texture on the mouth.

Reviewed on May 13th, 2006.

Source:12 oz. Bottle

Official Sam Adams website