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Review - Harpoon Brewery's 100 Barrel Series #10: Triticus

"Latin for "wheat," Triticus is a strong and dark Wheat Wine style ale that's light and lively on the palate. The blend of 50% wheat malts, including caramel and chocolate, provides color and depth of flavor. Complex hopping and dry-hopping lends a delicate spiciness and just enough balance to complement its strength. Best shared with friends.

This beer was brewed by Jason and Todd Alström, co-founders of The Alström's produced a blog of their brewing experience with Harpoon." -- Harpoon Brewery

We drank Triticus for the first time back when it was released, and came across a bottle of it in a cupboard not too long ago, so we decided to review it. It was said that it's best shared with friends, and the reason for this is simple. If you tried to drink a bottle of this on your own, you might actually slip into a beer-induced coma. At 11.5% ABV, it's nothing short of a full-fledge ass kicker. It pours a dark brown color into a hazy body, capped off by a small, fizzy light-brown head. Lacing is good, as well as head retention. Aroma is of light cereal malts with a nutty kick, and as commentary, we really enjoyed the aroma a lot. The Triticus certainly holds up well with its age, as this bottle was brewed rougly 15 or 16 months ago. Initial flavor is moderately sweet, leaping right into a heavy sweet finish with a long lasting presence on the palate. Medium body on the mouth, with a creamy texture and soft carbonation, we're left with a moderate-strength alcohol tinge.

Reviewed on October 1, 2006.

Type:Wheat-wine Style Ale
Source:22 oz. Bottle

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