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Review - Left Hand Brewery's Twin Sisters Double IPA

"Thanks for purchasing another offering in our series of "Big Mo" Beers. For as long as people have inhabited Colorado's Front Range, the Twin Sisters have had a strong impact on Colorado residents. The views from atop the 11,428' peaks are breathtaking and afford sweeping views of the entirety of Rocky Mountain National Park. As an expression of admiration we have crafted an ale that exhibits a profound impact all its own. At 11428 IBU's (just kidding), Twin Sisters is a mountainous testament to hops, and that they bring. A feeling of ease and relaxation become apparent for all whom would dare to climb it. So for all that enjoy summiting ales with copious hops additions to achieve a felling of contentment and awe, we offer Twin Sisters Double IPA. Enjoy!" -- Left Hand Brewery

The Twin Sisters, pours initially cloudy light yellow settling into a medium/dark amber body. Large off white mostly lasting head with fair lacing, the sisters contained an inviting appearance. The nose detected a heavy presence of flowery hops with hints of malts and alcohol. It's important to note the large amounts of yeast settling at the bottom of the glass. Initially moderately sweet taste contained hints of pineapple followed by a lighter bitter taste with a strong presence of alcohol. This is very similar in taste to a barley wine. Medium and oily in body, the Twin Sisters had a soft presence of carbonation. This is a complete beer. Ignace would greatly enjoy this selection and it could easily compete with the best of the best from Belgium.

Comments heard during the review: “Look at those chunks of yeast” - Ian. “I can actually feel myself getting drunk on this one” - Ian. “This is definitely an ass-kicker” - Sean. “Insta-drunkable, Insta-drunkanator” - Kristen.

Reviewed on December 22nd, 2006 with Hops.

Type:Double IPA
Source:22 oz. Bottle

Official Left Hand Brewery website