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Review - Boulder Beer's GABF 25th Year Beer

"When Charlie Papazian founded The Great American Beer Festival in 1982, Boulder Beer was happy to brew a special high gravity ale to celebrate the inaugural event. For the silver anniversary of what has become one the world's premier beer showcases, we're honored to do it again, and this time brew one of Charlie's recent favorites that we're calling 25th Year Beer. With a rich golden hue, this brew has plenty of British Pale Malt for a high original gravity; this ale is then assertively hopped in the kettle for a smooth balanced flavor, with more than a dash of Saaz hops dry-hopped in the fermenter lending it a unique floral aroma. One of the original 22 breweries at the first GABF, we're been back every year, and are thrilled to raise a glass in celebration of the flavor and diversity of American Craft Beer. Cheers!" -- Boulder Beer

Pours cloudy amber settling into a medium amber hue. The large frothy off white head diminished slowly, but left a very decent trail (aka good lacing). The hazy body was difficult to see through. The nose detected a strong bread malt presense with dominant alcohol. Light citrus hops were also detected. Not orange, but more of an acidic sweet hops like grapefruit. Very balanced aroma. The initally moderately sweet taste was followed by a light bitter taste invading the back of my mouth. Medium in body and the creamy texture left the palate dry and coated with a film. This offering is well balanced, visually appealing before and after the drink, and is a good reason (not that we needed another) to attend the 2007 Great American Beer Fest.

Reviewed on March 5th, 2007.

Source22 oz bottle

Official Boulder Beer website