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Old Ale

Review - Harpoon Brewery's English Style Old Ale

"Harpoon Old Ale is inspired by the sustaining winter offerings of many English breweries. This complex & malty brew is marked by significant alcohol warmth, balanced bitterness, biscuit/roasted undertones, and sublime mouthfeel. Proper English yeast, traditional hop varietals, and generous malt bill create a wonderful companion for the fireside. Enjoyable for consumption now or for extended cellaring." -- Harpoon Brewery

First time around with this beer was at its release event at the brewery, and we enjoyed it tremendously. This time, we grabbed a bottle and sat down to savor, enjoy, and reflect upon it. Into our glass, it pours a cloudy light brown color, settling a dark amber hue with a frothy, off-white head. Active body. Fair lacing over a thin body over a mostly diminishing head. Aroma is filled with a powerful sweet malt presence, provided by caramel notes. Initial taste is heavily sweet, which retreats to a moderately sweet finish with a long duration. Light to medium in body, it has a watery texture with a soft carbonation. As good in the bottle as it was on draught.

Reviewer's notes: "Love in a glass, sweet nectar of the gods", very sweet, some people might not like it because of the sweet ness.

Reviewed on March 10th, 2007.

StyleOld Ale
Source22 oz bottle

Official Harpoon Brewery website