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Review - AleSmith Brewing Company's Horny Devil Ale

"Horny Devil (formerly known as Belgian Strong Ale) is inspired by the curious beers produced by Trappist monks in monasteries across Belgium. The beer's dryness and strength are the result of a unique Trappist yeast strain in a warm fermentation. These attributes are subtly masked by the restrained use of premium low-alpha hop varieties. The malt flavors and fruity esters produced during fermentation create the initial impression, while authentic Belgian Candi sugar and fresh coriander add complexity to the palate. Appearance: Bright amber color, nearly orange, and good head formation and retention when properly served. Appealing Brussels lace. Flavor: Intriguingly complex. Starts with flavors of fresh coriander and characteristics of Trappist yeast, then fades to a nice, dry finish. Light on the palate but exploding with flavor. Aroma: Vinous aroma with a heavy dose of coriander and fruity esters from the Trappist yeast. Mouthfeel (body/texture): Light-to-medium body, with warmth from the high alcohol content and a clean, dry finish." -- AleSmith Brewing Company

The Horny Devil pours with a small white head with virtually no lacing. The clear, medium-yellow body has a thin density. The nose detected a strong presence of banana, but light yeast notes with soapy and colander aspects were found. The moderately sweet initial flavor was quickly followed by the light sweet finish that lasted for an average duration. The Horny devil was light to medium in body with an oily texture. The carbonation presence was rather light, but the palate was left with a light astringent/alcohol feel.

Reviewer's notes: It was very tasty and not too over powering. We are quite pleased with the Alesmith offerings that we have reviewed.

Reviewed on March 29th, 2007 at Leary's with Frank, Tim and Thirsty Beard.

StyleStrong Ale
Source22 oz bottle

Official AleSmith website