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Burton Baton

Review - Dogfish Head Brewery's Burton Baton

"The elusive brew is made from pilsner malt and amber malt with an original gravity of 26.5?P, yielding an 11% abv. It's hopped with Warrior and Glacier varieties. Primary fermentation takes place in open vessels using two yeast strains, one American and one English. For added complexity, the beer is conditioned on barrel staves of French Oak for four months before being dry hopped with Glacier at the rate of a half-pound per barrel. This elixir is then blended 50/50 with 90 Minute IPA. After blending, the beer will measure 80 IBU and 10% abv. " -- Dogfish Head Brewery

Pours a medium caramel color full of carbonation, settling a slightly darker amber color with a good sized, off-white fizzy head that quickly diminishes, although the lacing does not as it does well to leave sticky rings around the glass. Aroma is at first of sweet cereal malts, like Fruity Pebbles, paired with an overpowering alcohol presence. Initial taste is massively sweet, almost like an artificial sweetener. It relaxes just a bit towards the finish, but its still incredibly sweet with a long duration. Provided that it's a double IPA, there is hardly any hop presence here, as the sweet malt notes completely dominate the mouth. Light to medium-bodied, it has an oily mouthfeel with ever-so-gently carbonation.

Reviewed on April 11th, 2007.

StyleDouble IPA
Source12 oz bottle

Official Flying Dog website