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American Amber Lager

Review - JW Dundee's American Amber Lager

"JW Dundee's American Amber Lager has a complex malt character that is balanced by a distinct American Hop aroma and flavor. We use five different malts to create the complex malt flavor. We start with our two Row Pale Malt as our base and then add four different types of Crystal Malts. It is the combination of the four Crystal malts that define the complexity of the beer. Although the malt is showcased in this beer, the hops play an important part in the balance of flavors.

We use Simcoe, Cascade, and Magnum hops to create the hop profile that balances the complex malt character. This balance creates a beer that has great depth of flavor while still being drinkable. JW Dundee’s Amber Lager is flavorful enough to satisfy craft beer drinkers, yet is still accessible to those looking to find a beer with a little more character than their normal beer." -- JW Dundee's

Pours a medium amber color, settling a dark amber color with an off-white, fizzy head that quickly diminishes. Fair lacing that holds on briefly and then dissipates. Clear body with mostly still carbonation. Aroma is of sweet, light bread malts, giving a fairly pleasant nose. Initial taste is moderately sweet, with a faint honey taste, peeling off to a light sweet finish with moderate carbonation. Light in body, it has a dry texture with a short duration.

Reviewer's notes: Smooth taste, it has a nice finish that left us wanting more.

Reviewed on April 30th, 2007.

StyleDark Lager
Source12 oz bottle

Official JW Dundees website