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American Pale Ale

Review - JW Dundee's American Pale Ale

"JW Dundee's American Pale Ale is brewed “true to style” with a complex hop aroma, flavor and bitterness. This American Pale Ale is brewed with Cascade, Tomahawk and Amarillo hops to create the hop profile that defines the beers character. This combination of hops creates a complex citrus hop aroma, deep flavor and a long crisp bitterness. The interaction of the different varieties gives both depth and complexity to the Pale Ale.

Although the malt character is subdued, it plays an important role in balancing the hop complexity and keeps the beer from being one-dimensional. We use our 2 Row Pale Malt with a 60º Lovibond Caramel malt to give the perfect base for our hops. These malts give the beer its light malty flavor and orangey amber hue." -- JW Dundee's

Pours a medium amber color, capped off by a small, white fizzy head, that leaves small rings of lacing in the glass. Aroma is of light, fruity hops with a faint astringent scent that provides a crisp nose. Initial taste is a light bitter, finishing a moderate bitter with an average duration. Light-bodied, it has a watery texture with soft carbonation.

Reviewer's notes: Decent offering for the style, again falling short of the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, our gold standard of pale ales.

Reviewed on April 30th, 2007.

StylePale Ale
Source12 oz bottle

Official JW Dundees website