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Original Honey Brown

Review - JW Dundee's Original Honey Brown

"JW Dundee's Honey Brown is the Original Honey Brown lager. First brewed in 1994, Honey Brown satisfies consumers looking for a fuller flavored but easy to drink beer with a crisp clean finish.

In brewing Honey Brown, we use a dark pilsner style lager and add just the right amount of Manitoba Wildflower Honey. This creates a smooth Honey flavor that fades to a crisp dry finish. We use just enough hops to dry out the honey’s sweetness without lending any unpleasant bitterness to the finish.

We continue to receive accolades from premium tasting competitions including a Gold Medal at the 2002 World Beer Cup." -- JW Dundee's

Pours and settles a medium amber hue with a white, small, fizzy head that leaves decent lacing around the goblet. Aroma is of very faint sweet malts, but mostly indistinguishable aside from an astringent nose. Initial taste is a dull sweet that doesn't do much but fade at the finish, although it leaves an aftertaste similar to that of honey. Light to medium in body, it has a oily texture with barely there carbonation.

Reviewer's notes: The aroma was dull and indistinguishable, and the initial taste was not as pleasant as we expected. These two things combined to provide the less than average score.

Reviewed on April 30th, 2007.

StyleDark Lager
Source12 oz bottle

Official JW Dundees website