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Review - Harpoon Brewery's 100 Barrel Series: Pêche

"Rich Doyle, Harpoon's CEO and co-founder, first tasted this Belgian style beer in Brugge three years ago while traveling on a Harpoon beer culture trip. He immediately fell in love with the beer and wanted to brew a batch ever since.

The Harpoon Pêche is reminiscent of the peach lambics Rich and other Harpoon employees enjoyed on their trip to Belgium. As you pour this hazy golden colored beer, you will immediately notice the fresh peach aroma rising from your glass. A high carbonation level assists in releasing the aromatics of this crisp, sparkling ale. The five malts used to brew this beer blend nicely with the fresh fruit added during fermentation, creating a sweetness that is full but not cloying or candy-like. This sweetness is balanced by the tart acidity in the finish of the beer. The combination creates an incredibly refreshing experience. This is a perfect beer for the summer and can be paired with a variety of cheeses and deserts, or simply enjoyed on its own." -- Harpoon Brewery

For this beer, we had to get into de special Pêche mode. Given the previous 100 barrel offerings, it didn't take much. It pours a light yellow color into a cloudy body with a large, off-white fizzy head that fizzles away, leaving random specks of lacing in its wake. Slightly hazy body that is very active, with very fast rising carbonation. Aroma is of a dulled-down peaches, accompanied by a musty, cobweb-like yeast characteristic. The taste is delicious, with a very smooth, velvety sweetness that is carried by a gentle carbonation, reminiscent of a warm, ripe peach that is exploding with flavor. Light bodied, it has a slightly creamy texture, just beyond watery, that leaves enough of a reminder to make us have another sip. A great fruit beer that isn't overly fruity or sweet, it has an appealing body and an enticing aroma.

Reviewed on May 15th, 2007.

StyleFruit Beer
Source22 oz bottle

Official Harpoon Brewery website