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Review - Thomas Hooker Brewing Company's Liberator Dopplebock

"The doppelbock style of lager came into being in Middle Ages era Bavaria in what is today southern Germany. It was originally brewed by monks to provide themselves with a liquid form of nutrition during the fasting period of Lent when no solid food was allowed. This has earned the doppelbock the nickname 'liquid bread' because of its rich and filling capacity. The Thomas Hooker Doppelbock Lager blends huge amounts of imported Munich, Vienna and Moravian malts with select dark roasted malts to achieve a malt lover's dream of a rich and creamy brew. Subtly hopped with noble German and Czech hops and cool fermented with a Bavarian lager yeast, this beer will leave you happy to give up solid food for a while. No dessert necessary." -- Thomas Hooker Brewing Company

After popping the Liberator, which has a Grolsh style top, the Liberator settles into a black murky color with a large light brown head. The head was rather frothy and stuck around for a while, but eventually subsides leaving a small presence on top. With an inviting aroma, the nose detected a strong malt presence with hints of molasses and alcohol. Initially the syrupy sweet taste caught us off guard when it moved into the light bitter finish with a strong coffee finish. It was light in body with a creamy texture and left the palate with a syrupy feel. This is very very complex for a lager. Ian and I enjoyed this offering from Thomas Hooker.

Reviewed on May 19th, 2007.

Source22 oz bottle

Official Thomas Hooker website