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Honey Raspberry Ale

Review - Spanish Peaks Brewing Company's Honey Raspberry Ale

"A light bodied amber ale made with wildflower honey and natural raspberry. These ingredients, combined with five domestic and imported malted barleys, Pacific Northwest hops, water and ale yeast, creat a unique, fruity ale with a soft palate and a touch of sweetness. Brewed in Denver, CO by Flying Dog Ales. Visit the Spanish Peaks website!" -- Spanish Peaks Brewing Company

The Honey Raspberry Ale pours into a clear body, with a light caramel to medium amber color, crowned by a very quickly diminishing head that leaves no lacing behind. As it sits in our glass, it almost looks like a brandy, with no carbonation, no head, no lacing, and a translucent body. Aroma is of a very light raspberry syrup, without much aroma of real raspberries. Aside from that, there isn't very much in the way of hops or malts. The overly sweet up front taste is more like a snow cone than a beer, not providing anything in the way of pleasurable ale experience. The finish leaves us with an unappealing syrupy texture that is very muddled and sloppy with a .

Given that Flying Dog brews this, we're a little surprised that such a weak beer is allowed to leave their doors, although this is a contract brew, so they're not responsible for the recipe. I suppose we're just surprised that they elected to take this one on.

Reviewed on June 16th, 2007.

StyleFruit Beer
Source12 oz bottle

Official Spanish Peaks Brewing Company website