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Double Simcoe IPA

Review - Weyerbacher Brewing Company's Double Simcoe IPA

"Double Simcoe IPA, 9.0% abv, is our incredible reward for Hopheads seeking over the top flavor in a Double IPA, without the harshness. Brewed exclusively with Simcoe hops, developed and trademarked by Select Botanicals Group, LLC, in the year 2000. This hybrid hops was created to allow maximum aromatic oils, along with low cohumulone (harshness) levels, so that brewers can really load up a lot of 'em in a beer and not have any harshness. The piney, citrusy notes are all here, and in a very clean (non-harsh) way, as well as having an aroma with impact. Introduced by Weyerbacher in 2005 as a seasonal, this brew has garnered numbers so high on Beer Advocate, and been in such high demand by consumers, that we decided to add it to our year-round line-up in March 2007. Check it out, and you'll soon see why everyone's talking about it. Name 2006 PA Beer of the year by Beer Author Lew Bryson, at" -- Weyerbacher Brewing Company

With great anticipation, we cracked open our recently acquired bottle of the Double Simcoe IPA, and watch it as it pours a deep cherry red color with a gorgeous, frothy off-white head with phenomenal lacing that coats the glass with superbly sticky lacing. As it settles out, a clear body with a rosy hue is revealed. Carried by the active carbonation, the aroma is mind-blowing, offering pine and resin notes with hints of grapefruit, with an almost, but not quite, harsh, level of hops with a nose that is just so inviting, its very difficult to resist taking our first sip. Once we do, the initial taste is remarkably well-balanced with equal doses of hop bite and malty chewiness, finishing out with a predominantly bitter taste that is lacking the malty balance of the first taste. With its medium-weight body, it has an alarmingly creamy texture with soft carbonation that carries the delectable hop aroma up to our nose.

Reviewed on June 21st, 2007.

StyleDouble IPA
Source22 oz bottle

Official Weyerbacher Brewing website