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Headwall Alt

Review - Tuckerman Brewing Company's Headwall Alt

"A German Style brown ale brewed with dark, rich Belgian specialty malts and domestic whole hops. The alt will have a dark copper color and will have a slightly fruity, bittersweet flavor. It is a beer for the more adventurous, for people with an appreciation for a beer with a rich malt character and a balanced hop finish." -- Tuckerman Brewing Company

The Headwall alt contains a snowy picture of Tuckerman's Ravine on the label. It pours a cloudy light brown color and settles into a dark brown muddy body. The large brown head was frothy and creamy, which lasted for quite some time. The body was completely opaque and reminded us of a dark cider. The dark bread like aroma was pleasant to the nose. Also noted were hits of red grapes, spices, soft vanilla and a slight alcohol presence. The initial light bitter taste, which wasn't a hop bitterness, surprised us with the slightly sour finish for an average duration. With a lively carbonation feel, the medium bodied Headwall Alt gave us a silky presence on the tongue and left the palate oily. This was our first beer from Tuckerman Brewing Company. Amber and I purchased this 6 pack after tasting their Ale and Brown at Leary's fine wine and spirits. The sales rep for Tuckerman's was promoting their beer. We were pleased with both offerings, but selected the brown. Currently, Tuckerman's is only brewing 3 beers (Ale, Brown, Stout). Comments: "Tastes good, but not sure what it reminds me of" - Ian. "No burnt malt taste, very tasty, drinkable" - Sean.

Reviewed on August 23rd, 2007.

Source12 oz bottle

Official Tuckerman Brewing website