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Review - Butternuts Beer & Ale's Porkslap Pale Ale

"Porkslap is a new interpretation of the English Pale Ale with a hint of fresh ginger spices (and without their tendency toward cross dressing). It's balanced, not overly bitter, easy to drink and incredibly refreshing. We brew PorkSlap with two row barley and a little chocolate malt for color. It pours orange and crystal clear with a frothy white head. If your nose is working, you might get a little malty whiff that soon gives way to pure thirst quenching goodness and happy satisfaction.
The finish is clean, crisp and dry, and it plays really nice with spicy food like tex-mex, bbq or hot wings. Go ahead. Slap that pig." -- Butternuts

Pours a medium yellow color with a fairly decent, frothy off-white head with very sticky lacing that holds up very well on the glass. The body has settled into a clear, still light amber color. The aroma gives off a doughy yeast nose like a pizza dough ball. Initial taste is faintly bitter, moving to a slightly moderately bitter finish with an average duration. Not much for distinguishable taste characteristics. Watery body, it has a chewy texture that leaves a light coating on the mouth. Beer in a can is something we still advocate for for its storage and cost advantages, but we like it when a good beer goes in the can and, in this case, it didn't.

Reviewed on December 27th, 2007.

StylePale Ale
Source12 oz can

Official Butternuts website