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Review - Butternuts Beer & Ale's Moo Thunder Stout

"This stout beer pays tribute to the Butterynuts Brewery's former life as a dairy farm, thus the sexy cow on the can. It's a lighter, more drinkable version of the Stout breed than its heavy, boorish and smelly European sisters. Not too strong, not too vicious (oooh...vicious...creepy). Unlike a true bovine it has a malty, roasty aroma and a dry finish but no tail or teats, and leaves no unsightly cow pies laying around the yard for you to step in.
On a personal note, the rich, dark color and bossy character goes beautifully on a crisp, colorful fall day up here in the Butternut Valley. We like to pour one or a few while contemplating nature in all her glory as Summer gives way to Fall and consciousness gives way to blather." -- Butternuts

Pours a medium caramel color with a light brown, medium sized creamy head with fair lacing. Dark brown with a slight red tinge as it settles out, the head has mostly dissipated, but the fair lacing remains. The aroma is very enjoyable with sweet chocolate and powerful coffee notes that carry on very well in the nose. Initial taste is light bitter, and it cranks up to a slight moderate bitter towards the finish. The taste is thin, although its medium bodied with a creamy texture, the chocolate carries through the taste.

Reviewed on December 27th, 2007.

StyleSweet Stout
Source12 oz can

Official Butternuts website