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Review - Harpoon Brewery's 100 Barrel Series #21: Weizenbock

"Our Weizenbock is a celebration of flavor. This beer is brewed with fifty percent Wheat malt, which keeps it light on the palate, while the dark German barley malts round out the grain bill to create a full-flavored, creamy mouthfeel.

German-grown Hersbrucker hops offer up a subtle balance, but the true character of this joyous beer is derived from the authentic Bavarian yeast strain. This yeast invites notes of banana, clove, and spice to the party, creating a warming holiday elixir. Enjoy with friends!" -- Harpoon Brewery

The Weizenbock pours a muddy dark amber body settling into a dark amber-maroon hue. It was darker than I expected. The White fizzy head was short lived and left a fair but thin lacing on the glass. The nose was overwhelmed with a strong banana presence right from the pour. Smells like a mushed bananna sandwich that would be accompanied well with peanut butter. Without a noticable presence of cloves or hops, a doughy-yeasty malt presence was noted. The initial moderately sour blast attacked our palate with a slight bitter presence increasing to a strong sour finish. Light bodied and slightly watery, the Weizenbock left a oily film on the tongue. Soft carbonation. Chewy. Well balanced, the acohol is well-masked. This is a very tasty offering from Harpoon.

Reviewed on January 20th, 2008.

StyleWheat Beer
Source22 oz bottle

Official Harpoon Brewery website