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Old Marley

Review - Thomas Hooker Brewing Company's Old Marley

"This traditional American ale blends copious amounts of five different malts and various English and American hops to yield a rich and flavorful brew. As this ale is extremely complex in its flavor and quite full-bodied, the consumer is rewarded by letting a small amount warm in a brandy snifter and sipping it as one would a fine sherry. We age our Barleywine for one month in oak bourbon casks to add some vanilla and smoky notes and blend these flavors into a full-blown sensory experience to enjoy on a cold winter's eve." -- Thomas Hooker Brewing Company

Delievered in a short-stalky whiskey shaped bottle, the Old Marley's packaging was unique. The Old Marley pours a dark caramel hazy body topped by a faint off-white head which quickly disappeared. We were taken off guard by the dominant sour - acetic aroma, accompanied by an oat/barley presence. Add cucumbers and you will have pickles. We were remined on a Flemish Sour. The initial bitter taste fades towards a sour lemon finish over an average duration. Thinly carbonated and light in body, the Old Marley was slightly watery and left our palate rather dry.

This was an interesting offering. I would revisit this again, but it does not fit well into barleywine category. It seemed more of a sour ale. Note: Those who have not tried any sour ales did not enjoy this beer.

Reviewed on February 17th, 2008.

StyleBarleywine Style Ale
Source16.9 oz

Official Thomas Hooker website