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The Beast

Review - Avery Brewing Company The Beast

"IPA...India Pale Ale? Imperial Pale Ale? The IRRESISTIBLE Pale Ale with the big hop bite! A deep golden IPA with a firm malt body, finishing with a big hop aroma. Beer Kitty, Kitty...." -- Magic Hat Brewing Company

Pours a medium amber/orange hue with a swirling of cloudy carbonation from the hard pour, creating a frothy off-white head with good retention leaving a thin wispy lacing behind. The body has settled out to an orange/reddish color with excellent clarity. Aroma is distinctly hoppy with copious amounts of perfumy hops providing a very enticing experience. A simultaneous wow was let out, as a tsunami of bitterness washed over our tongues, leaving us dry and thirsty for more. The finish mellows out a bit with a less aggressive but equally enjoyable taste with a sour fruit, grapefruit-esque tang. Body is light and watery with a slightly dry mouthfeel and festive carbonation. For their latest full year beer, Magic Hat appears to have a winner, creating a more enjoyable, style-true IPA than they had in the H.I.P.A (which is a seasonal). The Lucky Kat, while not built to please the over the top hopheads, will in fact fill the gap just between entry-level IPAs (think Harpoon IPA) and the more aggressive, less balanced guys. This should be bottled and sold as cologne. Eau de Lucky Kat. Meow.

Reviewed on March 11th, 2008.

StyleStrong Ale
Source12 oz bottle

Official Avery Brewing website