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Rock Art Brewery

Review - Rock Art Brewery's The Riddler

"Influenced by a Belgian yeast and good old fashion brewer creativity. Ah yes, lay this one down in your cellars for years to come. Enjoy this one alone for its malt and hop complexity. For entertaining suggestions try a sweet pairing of raisins or sugar coated dates. For a meal start with a soft spreadable herb cheese from fresh cows milk on a nice toasted piece of baguette. Then serve Carbonnade of Beef (Belgian national stew) with candied yams and pan fried green beans tossed with butter and sliced almonds." -- Rock Art Brewery

Pours a dark caramel color that produces a tan colored head that leaves fairly wispy lacing on the goblets we\'re tasting from. The head has almost completely dissipated, the body is still, and has darkened up to a murky brown hue. Aroma is slightly sour with some moderate maltiness, some soft banana and cloves, and a dominant alcohol presence. Initial taste is slightly bitter, but falls off the wagon after that with a heavily astringent/beef taste. Medium bodied, it has an oily texture with an astringent finish that leaves us dry. Aftertaste was reminiscent of Moxie, which for Ian\'s palate is not a good thing, but Sean didn\'t mind it.

Reviewed on May 17th, 2008.

StyleBelgian Strong Ale
Source22 oz bottle

Official Rock Art Brewery website