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Rock Art Brewery

Review - Rock Art Brewery's Infusco

""INFUSCO" was inspired by a unique yeast's ability to gently weave character and flavor into the beers it ferments. A sweet body balanced with a big alcohol warmth and a touch of hops. Lingering rich flavors add to the complexity. Try aging this one for a year or two at cellar temperatures and compare the flavors that will emerge. For a "SLOW" experience pair this with smoked cheese, baked whole grain crackers, blackened peppercorn rib eye steaks, rich dark chocolate, hazelnut crepes or a fresh dark wrapped maduro cigar. -- Rock Art Brewery

Pours a medium caramel color out of the bottle, but settles a darker brown color with a reddish haze. Small head develops on the beer with some light lacing. Aroma is like black licorice with some medicine quality like band-aids, a bit of a salty smell, and some alcohol burn in the nose. Initial taste is slightly sweet, moving to a medicinal bitter finish with further existence of the band-aid-like quality. Light to medium bodied, it\'s chewy leaving an oily film on the mouth with some soft carbonation, and the flavors increase over time, and this is not necessarily a good thing because it is not very pleasant on the finish; very hard to drink.

Reviewed on May 17th, 2008.

StyleBelgian Strong Ale
Source22 oz bottle

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