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2006 Monster Ale

Review - Brooklyn Brewery's 2006 Monster Ale

"Brooklyn Monster Ale is a classic barley wine, a style of ale originally brewed by the butlers to the English and American aristocracy. It is brewed from three mashes of heirloom British malt and spiced with aromatic American Willamette, Cascade and Fuggle hops.

After four months of aging, it has a magnificent burnished copper color, an aroma redolent of sherry, citrusy hops and fruit, a soft, warming, complex palate, a spiritous finish, and a strength of 10.8%.

It is vivacious when young, but will age gracefully for many years, becoming more complex over time. " -- Brooklyn Brewery

Pours a moderate amber color producing a small off-white head with a fizzy consistency which doesn't hang around for very long. Very watery lacing doesn't linger on the glass. Very little carbonation in the glass, still body. Very high clarity. Aroma is of light malts with some doughy yeast, light to medium alcohol, and some soft fruit notes with hints of apple. Initial taste is a dulled down sweet with caramel notes that is quickly beaten down by the strong alcohol warmth. Finishes with that same alcohol burn that doesn't allow any hop or malt flavors to come through. Light to medium bodied, it has a surprisingly watery texture with soft carbonation. Caramel taste lingers in the mouth with a burnt, smoky finish with oaky notes, oily on the palate.

Reviewed on June 13th, 2008.

StyleBarleywine-Style Ale
Source12 oz bottle

Official Brooklyn Brewery website