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Cape Ann Brewing

Review - Cape Ann Brewing Company's Navigator

"German Doppel Bock style of exceptional quality, flavors and body. The Navigator is CABC's winter-seasonal offering. With a toasty biscuit flavor, it's unlike any beer you've had while managing to stay strictly within style. Slightly sweet to offset the higher alcohol content, it's a grand version of a classic German Doppel-Bock. This beer is a differing take on the average winter seasonal take and we think you'll thank us for it." --Cape Ann Brewing Company

Pours a medium brown color producing a small, fizzy, tan colored head with short duration. Body clarity is brilliant with very little carbonation, and has settled a slightly lighter shade of brown. Head has completely diminished leaving wispy strings of lacing behind. A yeasty aroma is detected at first, then the beer mellows out a bit and the malty, sweet aroma is dominant. It smells similar to the sweetness of a Scotch Ale with a molasses presence. Initial taste is lightly bittersweet, but the sweetness takes over towards the finish with a gentle alcohol backbone. Light bodied, it starts sweet and finishes sweet with a watery texture and a smooth mouthfeel. The palate is left slightly oily and, as time goes on, slightly dry. Additionally, there is a slight fruity note at the end.

Navigator is crisp and very easy to drink. The hop presence is not detectable, but the malty/fruity presence is appreciated and makes this doppelbock very tasty.

Reviewed on February 15th, 2009.

Source12 oz bottle

Official Cape Ann Brewing website