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Arcadia Brewing Imperial Stout

Review - Arcadia Brewing Company's Imperial Stout

"Black as coal in color, this bottle conditioned Stout has a velvety rich and sweet malt aroma. After pouring, a dense brown head gives way to a big, full-bodied and creamy texture that has flavors of roasted coffee and black currants, blending perfectly with the malt. A generous amount of hops add balance and complexity to this extraordinary stout that will continue to improve with age. A worthy beer to cellar and enjoy throughout the year." --Arcadia Brewing Company

Pours a deep dark brown color producing a minimal light brown head with a fizzy consistency that quickly diminishes. Body is dark as night with thin watery lacing. The nose is smashed with a presence of chocolate malts and warming alcohol, and there are also hints of vanilla. Initial taste is lightly sweet, but quickly ramps up to a strong sweet finish with healthy dose of milk chocolate flavors. Light to medium bodied, it carries a watery texture with a slightly oily mouthfeel and a dominant alcohol presence. There is some soft carbonation and noticeable vanilla undertones.

This imperial stout is a strong one. It will improve with maturity. At its current state, it is delicious in smaller doses. If not, it will sneak up on you and haunt you during the night. The vanilla bean masks some of the alcohol burn...some.

Reviewed on February 15th, 2009.

StyleImperial Stout
Source12 oz bottle

Official Arcadia Brewing website