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Widmer Broken Halo IPA

Review - Widmer Brothers Brewing Company's Broken Halo IPA

"Broken Halo IPA is a beer produced in the spirit of traditional IPA products shipped from the UK to India in the late 1800s. The almost excessive amounts of Cascade and Columbus hops used in Broken Halo give it notable citrus and grapefruit aromas and flavors. The beer bitterness measures high but tastes smooth due to the full-bodied, Caramel malt sweetness. The finish is juicy, clean, and short lived. A devilishly bold, heavenly smooth India Pale Ale. malts: PALE, CARAMEL 10L & 20L,carapils hops: ALCHEMY, CASCADE, zeus" --Widmer Brothers Brewing

Pours a medium yellow to light amber color with a small white frothy head. Decent wispy lacing with good retention. Body is still as the head has completely dissipated. The aroma has notes of grapefruit citrus hops balanced off by some light strength soft bread malt characteristics. Initial taste has some hop sweetness that comes out of some orange rind, and grows progressively towards a light bitter finish. Light bodied with a thin watery texture, it has a dry mouthfeel with a puckering bitter finish. The bitterness increases from start to finish.

Very drinkable. The hop presence won\'t scare off newcomers. The bitter finish leaves a long-lasting presence. You won\'t forget that you just drank an IPA.

Reviewed on March 15th, 2009.

Source12 oz bottle

Official Widmer Brothers Brewing website