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Southern Tier Jah-va

Review - Southern Tier Brewing Company's Jah-va

"Three thousand feet above sea level in the misty mountains of Jamaica, some of the world’s finest Arabica beans are hand picked on their way to becoming Blue Mountain Coffee. Halfway around the world, plump spring barley grows to maturity in the loamy soil of North America while aromatic hops are cultivated to exacting standards. Here in our kettles, these three special ingredients are blended to create a heady mixture of sweet sugar, dark roast, and complex flavor. Please enjoy this brew in moderation." -- Southern Tier Brewing Company

Pours a medium to dark brown color with a slight bit of opacity producing a decent but short-lived head with a fizzy characteristic and off-white color. Fully dissipates, leaving fizzy watery lacing with very little clingability. Body having settled still has some clarity. Unexpectedly, the initial aroma were of hops - citrus, orange. We expected the chocolate malts to be dominant and overpowering, but they were well balanced. The alcohol was easily detected. Initial taste is bitter with strong coffee notes coming through, but the orange citrus hops come ripping through quickly to give a very distinct chocolate orange flavor. Finish taste is slightly bitter with lingering citrus. The Jah-va is medium bodied and creamy with almost no carbonation. It leaves an oily/sticky coating over our mouth. The alcohol is noticable, but does not scorch the mouth.

This beer is very smooth and strong. A smooth chocolate taste sticks around for a long time. Its not a starter beer, the appreciation for imperial stouts will grow over time.

Reviewed on March 22nd, 2009.

StyleImperial Stout
Source22 oz bottle

Official Southern Tier Brewing website