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Peak Organic Pomegranate Wheat Ale with Acai

Review - Peak Organic Brewing Company's Pomegranate Wheat Ale with Acai

"This special release Wheat Ale, craft brewed with local organic wheat and coriander, features a hint of organic pomegranate and acai. We hope you enjoy this delicious ale in the presence of friends, family and tasty cuisine. Brewed with antioxidant-rich organic acai from our friends at Sambazon the world's leading organic acai source." -- Peak Organic

Pours a dark yellow to light amber hue producing a billowing off-white head with excellent retention. Head consistency is frothy that leaves fairly sticky lacing behind. Body is fairly active with just a slight bit of haze. As the head breaks down, it has a much more pure white color. he large froth made it difficult to detect the aroma, but the nose immediately perked up with a strong dose of coriander. Once the foam dissipates, the coriander lightens, leaving behind light fruity apple-like notes. Not being a pomegranate connoisseur, we were slightly handi-capped, so we grabbed a glass of POM for comparison. The POM was obviously stronger, but contained similar fruity apple-like notes. As soon as this brew hits the tongue, the fruitiness jumps out. Initial taste is warm with some fruity esters, and the back end has some raw bitterness from the pomegranate. Based on the color, we were surprised that body was moderately thick and creamy. But not too thick. Slightly carbonated, it is very smooth and leaves the mouth with a soft oily film on our mouth. Sorta like drinking an imperial stout, but without the alcohol burn.

The softy fruity finish helps push the complexity on this beer. We would recommend this to a new beer drinker and/or someone that's ready to try something different. It is very smooth and easy to drink. The real test will be 100 degree summer time. Can't wait to put it through the ringer.

Reviewed on March 31st, 2009.

StyleFruit Beer
Source12 oz bottle

Official Peak Organic website