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Otter Creek Imperial India Pale Ale

Review - Otter Creek Brewing Co.'s Imperial India Pale Ale

"Our Imperial IPA carries on this tradition- and then some! The fruity and citrusy hop aroma intermingles perfectly with an assertive malty backbone. Our brewers added a generous supply of hops to this brew throughout the entire process to provide an enormous hop flavor and balance the elevated alcohol content." -- Otter Creek Brewing

Pours with a great amount of activity that swirls up a bright yellow hue but as the tornado dissipates, the body settles with a pale yellow color. Brilliant clarity. The head is billowing with bright white frothiness with strong retention and superbly sticky lacing. A malt presence dominated the initial aroma, consisting of soft Cheerio-like grains. Once the large head subsides, a strong floral hop aroma took over the glass. Initial taste is at first malty but quickly ramps up with an assertive bitterness with a very unmasked alcohol warmth that cuts through the flavor, although it doesn't become the only taste. Finish flavor retains the hops but the malts make a re-appearance and the alcohol warmth subsides leaving a very complex flavor. We\'re just going to put it out there. This is HARSH. Your palate will be smacked around like Mr T training with a punching bag. Light to medium in body and softly carbonated, the creamy texture will leave an oily film on your tongue. The dominant alcohol presence is easily over powered by the HARSH bitterness.

Reviewed on June 13th, 2009.

StyleDouble IPA
Source22 oz bottle

Official Otter Creek Brewing website