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Redhook Brewery Tripel

Review - Redhook Brewery's Tripel

"Deep golden hued, with subtle hints of vanilla, clove, and cinnamon. Fruity, spicy, and warming with a complex but soft malt character." -- Redhook Brewery

Pours a medium golden hue producing a billowing white fizzy head with excellent retention. Brilliant clarity with some moderate carbonation. Very watery lacing with no residue left behind. Head now has a slightly creamy consistency in the middle. Settled body has a slight haze to it and the head has almost completely dissipated. The initial aroma was dominated by a moderately strength banana presence. A soft astringent (alcohol) presence was easily detected. With 10.2% alcohol, it is rather hard to hide. A hop presence was not detected. Initial taste continues with the strong banana presence as the alcohol is up front, carried through the sweet maltiness with strong banana notes. Finish taste is filled with lingering alcohol warmth. Softly carbonated and medium in body, the triple is very smooth. The drinkability is very scary -- this bad boy will sneak up on you. The finish is rather spicey and our palates were left coated with an oily film. The alcohol presence was detectable, but not overwhelming.

Belgian Style Ales are an interesting category -- It is dominated with beers like Chimay White, Allagash Tripel, Golden Monkey, and Westmalle. The Redhook Tripel is very easy to drink. We have been lucky enough to have the Tripel on cask and draft -- at the Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH location. With a limited release, if you find this in a store near you -- don't miss out -- pick up a bottle ... or two.

Reviewed on August 13th, 2009.

StyleBelgian Tripel
Source22 oz bottle

Official Redhook website