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Mad River Steelhead DIPA

Review - Boston Beer Company's Sam Adams Imperial White

"Newest in our line, the Double IPA is the big brother to our Jamaica Sunset IPA. Maltier, hoppier and more assertive, this one is for big beer lovers. Double IPA is one of the hottest new beer styles in the micro and regional beer market.

English brewers made their original India Pale Ales strong and hoppy to preserve it for the long sea voyage to the troops in India. Legend has it that the officers kept the full strength brew for themselves while the troops received their daily rations watered down! Enjoy yours full strength at your local tap house or look for it at your favorite retailer in six packs coming early Fall 2006. " -- Mad River Brewing

Pours a light amber color producing very little head with a white fizzy consistency despite a very active body. Clarity is brilliant. The initial sweet malt aroma perks up the nose. Then after a bit of settling, the aroma is dominated by a soapy presence. A light hop presence is detected, but overpowered by the malts. Initial taste is hop forward with some grassy notes and a slightly soapy characteristic. Finish flavor is mellow with some gentle hop bitterness that has decent duration. Softly carbonated, the light body is rather refreshing. The malts presence is rather dominant but smooth, leaving the mouth in a pleasant euphoria. The hop bitterness has a slight tang to it, like taking the first sip of grapefruit juice, but overpowered by the malts.

Not as malty or hoppy as we expect from a DIPA, this drinks more like an east coast pale ale than a west coast IPA, let alone a DIPA. Having said that, it has a terrific aroma and a nice mellow hop taste that makes it a very enjoyable beer.

Reviewed on August 20th, 2009.

Source12 oz bottle

Official Mad River website