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Bear Republic Pete Brown Tribute Ale

Review - Bear Republic Brewing Company's Pete Brown Tribute Ale

"Pete Brown Tribute Ale is our rendition of a Strong American Brown Ale. This ale pays homage to subtle flavors of golden brown sugars, and sweet molasses. (Pete Brown, 1949-2002. Cheers, ol' pal.)" -- Bear Republic Brewing

Pours a medium chestnut-brown hue with some reddish tint as the body settles out with a brilliant clarity. Very still body, small tan colored head that dissipates quickly. Thin lacing that quits quickly on the glass. After the initial pour, a soft malt aroma fills the glass, consisting of a sweet molasses. The aroma is as expected for a brown ale - the malts dominated, while the hop presence was undetectable, and a creamy buttery yeast flavor were present. Initial taste is moderately sweet with some rich malt tones and some slight roasted character, and towards the back end there is a ton of roasted malt but not too much bitterness, giving it a nice smooth finish. Light to medium in body, it was softly carbonated and somewhat watery. The roasty-nut taste left a very drying, almost sticky presence on our mouth. Very smooth and extremely drinkable, this light body brown goes down easy. The alcohol presence was very light, only coming out slightly in the finish.

The aroma is very enticing with a blend of roasted malts and sweet molasses, and the taste and finish don\'t disappoint.

Reviewed on September 7th, 2009.

StyleBrown Ale
Source22 oz bottle

Official Bear Republic website