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Buckbean Very Noddy

Review - Buckbean Brewing Company's Very Noddy 40th Birthday Lager

"This Imperial Schwarzbier was first created to celebrate Buckbean co-founder Doug Booth’s 40th birthday." -- Buckbean Brewing Company

From a can, pours a very dark caramel color with very little clarity, topped off by a very healthy frothy light-tan head with excellent retention. Wispy rings of lacing remain behind with decent retention as the head begins to slowly dissipate. Initially, a sweet chocolate and caramel aroma perked up our nose. It took a bit of time for the pillowy head to settle, but once it did, the sweet malt aroma increased in strength. The malt body was dominant, making it difficult to detect the hops. Along with the malts, we also detected fruity raisins and figs. Although this is a strong beer, the alcohol was masked by the malts. Overall, the aroma was quite delicious. Initial taste is intensely rich, full of chocolate and roasted malt while remaining clean. Finish flavor has some hop bitterness but the roasted malts are ever-present. The Noddy 40th Birthday Lager is medium bodied, softly carbonated, creamy, and smooth to drink. The creamy texture coated our mouths, initially leaving a slick presence on our tongue. After a bit of time, the bitter hop finish left our tongues dry - wanting more. Although the alcohol was not noticeable in the aroma, it was quite warming in taste - but not burning.

Due to the complexity of the style, this can be difficult to brew. Buckbean created a winner here - this beer is very drinkable and complex. With a well balanced malt and hop presence, we really enjoyed this beer. Here's a prime example that good beer can be found in a can.

Reviewed on February 10th, 2010.

Source16 oz can

Official Buckbean website