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Blue Hills IPA

Review - Karl Strauss Brewing Company's 2009 To the 9s

"The beer is an Imperial IPA brewed to celebrate 2009. Unlike most Imperial IPA’s that are very citrussy/piney from Pacific Northwest hops, To the 9’s uses a lot of noble hops for a more earthy, resinous, woodsy aroma and flavor. We used 9 different hop varieties so the beer is very complex." -- Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Pours a cloudy orange hue that quickly clarifies in the glass with some moderate carbonation building up a small yet persistant off-white fizzy head. Little to no lacing on the glass as the head fades back into the brew. Initially a muted hop profile with some straw and some alcohol warmth that opens up to some fleeting peach aromas and a dominant maltiness with sublte molasses and dough-like notes. Initial taste is loaded with alcohol astringency that peels back a bit and allows the sweet resiny hops and a substantial malt presence to come through. Light to medium bodied, it has a slightly watery body with a warming alcohol astringency. It leaves a slight dry finish on the mouth and a lingering malt presence. We’re fairly sure that this is the first double IPA we’ve come across that utilize Noble hop varieties. With the double IPA being an American creation, it’s an interesting concept to go back to the IPA’s roots with more earthy European hops.

Reviewed on October 5th, 2010.

StyleDouble IPA
Source22 oz bottle

Official Karl Strauss Brewing Company website