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Blue Hills IPA

Review - Karl Strauss Brewing Company's 21st Anniversary Ale

"The piercing howl of the SD#1 Whistler Buoy echoes for miles, hailing ships of rocky shores ahead. Like its namesake, Whistler Imperial Pils warns and welcomes at the same time. The grassy and floral bitterness of Saaz hops warns this is no ordinary pilsner, while authentic Moravian malts provide a toasted malt balance that welcomes another sip. Finishing crisp and dry, this addition to the Coastal Reserve Series is right at home in America’s finest beer city." -- Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Pours a medium golden color with a very healthy fizzy off-white head with decent retention. Body has a modicum of carbonation with just a slight bit of activity. Head is fairly thin leaving very light lacing behind. Settled body clarity is brilliant with a rich golden hue. Initial aroma filled with a light to medium amount of biscuity malts, softer than initially expected. After the head settled, there was a moderate amount of earthy hop notes. No alcohol astringency notes, and no diacetyl or any unexpected aromas. Initial taste has a bitter fruitiness with floral overtones that manage to mostly suppress the bitterness. This flavor lasts all the way through the finish with very much variation, save for the fruitiness giving way to the bitterness without ever becoming harsh. Light to medium in body with a watery texture and moderate carbonation Very smooth with a slight creaminess, palate is left slightly oily with no alcohol burn. Low hop bitterness initially but over the long duration. Very drinkable, scary that it is 7.5% as it could easily sneak up on you.

Reviewed on October 17th, 2010.

StyleBelgian Strong Ale
Source22 oz bottle

Official Karl Strauss Brewing Company website