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Sam Adams Infinium

Review - Boston Beer Company's Sam Adams Infinium

"Our brewers worked for two years with the world’s oldest brewery, Germany’s Weihenstephan, to create this unique new beer style. A groundbreaking brew, made with only the 4 traditional ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and yeast, Infinium™ is a crisp champagne-like beer with fine bubbles and a fruity, spicy aroma. The crisp clean malt character and delicate fruit notes in this beer are complemented by a slight citrus flavor from dry hopping with Bavarian Noble hops. Bottle conditioning adds another layer of complexity and light spice notes." -- Sam Adams & Weihenstehphan Brewery

The initial aroma reminded me of a nice, sticky malt presence with a hint of honey. After settling, there was a steamed milk presence, followed up by a soft nutty malt presence. A light citrus hop presence was noted. The alcohol presence was noted, but not dominant. After the aroma diminishes, the crowd was reminded of a malted milk balls. Pours a moderate amber hue with a crisp white one finger head with good retention, held up by moderate carbonation levels (very active, small - white bubbles). Body clarity is brilliant. Decent retention with the lacing. Up front, the assertive carbonation hits quick but gives way revealing some subtle tartness, faint syrupy malt sweetness and some earthy hop notes. Finish flavor is sharp with some lingering wood tones and milk. Very Very active carbonation, creating a fizzy initial mouth presence. Light to medium body, slightly watery with a smooth honey like finish. The alcohol presence was noted, but not overwhelming. Our palates were left in a pleasant state. We were excited to try this new “style” from Sam Adams. We enjoyed the complex aroma and the interesting flavors. This beer may be the victim of prolonged pre-release hype, building expectations to unreachable levels. It is, however, a well-crafted, enjoyable brew that highlights the collaborative spirit of the craft beer industry. The bottle price ranges from the recommended $20 price to the high $29 to $35. This is a much better purchase at the $20 price. I would have a hard time paying much more.

Reviewed on December 12th, 2010.

Source22 oz bottle

Official Boston Beer Company website