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Pennichuck Backdraft

Review - Pennichuck Brewing Company's Backdraft

"BackDraft Chocolate Porter is an English Style chocolately brown Porter with a balanced hop and malt character. Pairs well with creamy or fruity cheeses, beef, barbequed meats, and desserts." -- Pennichuck Brewery

Initially a strong chocolate malt presence escaped from the bottle. The malts dominated the aroma with a strong molasses and raisons aroma. The hop presence was very light, reminding us of straw. The aroma was very inviting and we were excited to dive in. Pours a dark brown hue with some garnet red highlights, crowned by a healthy one finger creamy light tan head with good retention. Lacing is very thin with no grip. Body clarity is slightly murky but predominantly opaque given the rich color. No carbonation. Initial taste is subtle, right in line for the style with light choclaty sweetness and unrecognizable alcohol. Finish is clean and smooth with very faint roasted malts and continued delicate sweetness. Light to medium in body, slightly watery, and very smooth. Very soft carbonation. Very soft alcohol presence. Our palates were left very clean and unscathed. We were sad when Pennichuck closed, but we are very proud of what Phil and Pennichuck did for the craft beer industry. Although we cellared this beer, we were proud to enjoy this great beer with Angelo (our friend from The beer stood up to time and remained delicious.

Comments: Very faint oxidation and for a 2+ year old beer, we’re impressed. A bunch of tobacco-ey, leathery note

Reviewed on December 12th, 2010.

Source22 oz bottle