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Imperial IPA

Review - Rogue Ales - Imperial India Pale Ale

"Above and beyond an India Pale Ale--I2PA is radically hopped with an intense aroma and hop bitterness. Unfiltered and aged for 9 months before it leaves the brewery--not for the faint of heart. I2PA is brewed with two-row Pipkin Pale malts, Saaz, Cascade and Northwest Golding hops. I2PA is available in a new 750ml Silkscreened black ceramic bottle and on draft." -- Rogue Ales

The presentation alone of this one was very impressive, as we were testing out of Rogue's new 750ml Silkscreened black ceramic bottle. The heft and color of the bottle let you know that this is a beer to be taken seriously. Aromas were very lightly malty, with heavy herb hops and peach, with a moderate yeast scent. It pours a dark yellow color with a murky body, topped by a fizzy, off-white head. Virtually no lacing, but a mostly lasting head. Initial taste...well, its all bitter. A blast of harsh bitter ignited in our mouths, only to be left with still a moderate amount of bitter at the finish. Bear in mind that we are hopheads, so harsh bitter is a good thing for us. This IPA left us watery on the palate with soft carbonation and a moderate alcoholic feel. Light body. Some notes from the review: "Inside of bottle neck was dirty w/ particles. Take it to the next level. Do not pass sweet, do not collect $200."

Reviewed on May 2nd, 2006.

Source:22 oz. Bottle

Official Rogue Ales website