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Stone 9th

Review - Stone Brewing Company's 9th Anniversary Ale

"As has been a tradition, we have “Anniversary-ized” a recipe from our history by cranking it up, making it stronger and more assertive. With this year’s Anniversary we decided to look back at a wheat beer that we released a couple of Spring/Summers a few years ago: Stone Heat Seeking Wheat. While it was a plenty tasty beer, we ultimately decided that it wasn’t that reflective of what Stone was all about, and we unceremoniously dropped it from our lineup. For the Stone 9th Anniversary Ale, we carried some of the characteristics from the Stone Heat Seeking Wheat --- clear, not hazy; hoppy, not yeasty; combining a delicious hop bitterness and wheat tartness --- and made some…well…adjustments." -- Stone Brewing Co.

Again here with a Stone beer, they don't seem to care that you know ahead of time that their brews are going to hit you where it counts. The alcohol level, although not alarmingly high, is not masked at all, letting us know ahead of time what we were in for. It pours a golden color with a frothy, off-white head. Good lacing and a mostly diminishing head, but some remains through the finish. Hazy body. Moderate hop presence with flower and grass notes, as well as hints of peach and melon. At first lightly sweet, it finishes with a moderately bitter assault. Medium feel on the mouth with a dry and watery texture, there is moderate alcohol presence left behind.

Reviewed on March 23rd, 2006.

Source:22 oz. Bottle

Official Stone Brewing website